Thursday, August 8, 2019

When companies come together in a supply chain, the result can be Essay

When companies come together in a supply chain, the result can be vastly more than the sum of the parts with significant impact on communications, organizational structure, relationships and performance - Essay Example There may be many companies, which have maintained a systematic well-maneuvered delivery mechanics in supplying their products in response the market demand. This may happen that the companies have a strong configured system for maintaining a strong supply chain towards their purchase of raw materials, delivery and distribution of the raw materials in accordance with their different product lines, maintenance of their work-in-progress in a well stipulated way and finally delivery of their final product and finished goods from the center of production to the different region of consumption. But due to some unwanted communication failure they face a shortfall in maintaining its management system. What the companies will do in such circumstances? There comes the necessity of togetherness of the companies in respect of sophistication of their management system keeping a common goal of a strong organizational structure, relationship assortment and communication structure and well-acquaint ed performance. This type of joint venture of the companies not only help them in their short run systematic behavior towards different dimension of their businesses, but it will also help them for getting a way of achieving sustainability in the long run also. Joint ventures if chosen in a proper way and implemented accordingly, it can be a enormous approach for the businesses to achieve such opportunities and ultimately their desired profits, that otherwise is not possible. The grouping up of the companies in a supply chain can enhance their reaching in different regions and areas of market, accessing untapped resources and necessary business information and data, building acceptability, credibility and trustworthiness of the companies in the market both in terms of their brand and  delivery mechanism. They can be further benefited in accessing and penetrating new market that would otherwise impossible without the assistance of

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