Saturday, August 24, 2019

Are cell phones dangerous Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Are cell phones dangerous - Essay Example This is the main reason why the wireless industry dismisses the idea that cell phones are dangerous. This paper argues that the public should not easily overlook the possible harms of long-term cell phone use. Using cell phones can lead to cancer and critically harm children, especially since independent studies indicate potential biological effects of cell phone use. Extensive cell phone use can change or heat biological tissues enough to possibly cause cancer or other cellular changes. Walsh highlights the 1995 study of Lai, who co-wrote a study demonstrating that a â€Å"single two-hour exposure of RF radiation,† which are the levels deemed as safe by U.S. standards, had genetically damaged rats’ brain cells enough that they developed cancer (48). Other studies could not replicate the same findings, but they are funded by the wireless industry, stresses Walsh (48). ... Graham-Rowe stresses that William Stewart, the leader of the British government's â€Å"independent expert group† on mobile phones has taken these findings on a serious note. Graham-Rowe interviews Stewart who states: â€Å"These results are very important and potentially far-reaching. Independent confirmation is crucial and we need this quickly† (4). Graham-Rowe explains that microwaves normally do not have enough energy to damage even weak chemical bonds in human cells, so scientists think that they cannot make enough damage, unless they can heat up the cells (4). Heating up cells may be an effect of cell phones that come from the long-term human use of these gadgets. These studies provide some evidence that it is possible that cell phones, however weak their radio-frequency (RF) radiation may be, can introduce changes at cellular levels, especially at the present prevalence of cell phone use. Other studies provide findings that the same energies and heat from cell ph ones can result to changes in biological tissues. Graham-Rowe reports on another scientific research done by David de Pomerai at the University of Nottingham. De Pomerai affirms that cell phone radiation can impact nematode worms, though heating is not enough to explain it (5). Based on Graham-Rowe’s interview, De Pomerai's team discovered that nematode worms that are exposed to microwaves at frequencies comparable to those released by a cell phone, â€Å"increased the number of worms that go on to produce eggs† (5). The same energy and heat emitted by cell phones have caused these animals to become more fertile. This study suggests that it is possible that cell phone has radiation levels that are high enough to warming cells or to induce some cellular level of changes.

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