Monday, August 26, 2019


INFORMATION SOCIETY & INFORMATION ECONOMY - Essay Example These channels have been reported to have coverage to 33.3 million to 47.8 million households from year 1997-2002. They are available through cable, satellite and digital platforms. Transnational channels allow companies to have a platform where they can expand their sales and brands internationally (Collison 2002; Chalaby 2003). The study aims to comprehensively review what transnational television is, its benefits, challenges and impact on globalisation, specifically in the United Kingdom. It will also critically analyze transnational television-related literatures available in peer-reviewed journals. Lastly, the study will review convergence theories that will help provide a deeper understanding of the phenomenal widespread of transnational television. The United Kingdom has seen dramatic changes in television since the 1980s, from the increase in demand for televisions to the increase in the number of networks and programmes (OECD 1997). Changes and transformation in media, specifically television, is commonly characterised by the following: emergence of megaglobal companies which resulted from acquisitions and mergers; privatization of media companies; less restriction on foreign ownership; corporate investments on new advancements in technology such as satellite and cable; and transnationalisation of advertisements (Jin 2007). Acquisitions and mergers are commonly demonstrated by large companies who have the means to expand. Instead of forming and constructing their own, they just merge or acquire and use the machinery and technology of smaller companies. Digital Revolution. The Digital revolution started in 1984 when Apple introduced Mac to the world, commonly characterised by the user-friendly graphics and unique page design and layout tool. The focus in terms of information infrastructures has been on broadband satellite systems, one of which is

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