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Reflective report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflective report - Essay Example The essay drew positive feedback from my tutor and earned a good grade. I attribute this success to the extensive research that I got involved in and comprehensive analysis of the literature materials therein. Taking into account that employees’ job satisfaction takes variations, the essay had to be well planned in different parts to ensure that all the aspects were dealt with. The authenticity of the essay was definitely incredible. In the essay, I recognized other authors’ work that I cited and ensured that the work was free from any plagiarism. Essay 2 The second essay had the question â€Å"How can performance of service be achieved without compromising on the satisfaction of employees?† this was majorly based on finding ways in which the satisfaction of employees is achieved without necessarily compromising on the quality of product and service delivery. The essay tackled service delivery and product quality extensively. The intrinsic and extrinsic employee motivation was also explored as a way of improving the service delivery. This essay is by and large a supplement for the first one. I thought that the first essay was more leant on dealing with the satisfaction of the employees as opposed to the improvement of service delivery and the production of quality products. ... was because the first essay tackled the employees’ aspect while this second one made a bridge between the employees and the quality of products and service delivery. During the April viva, I am certain that the panelists would want me to explain the choice of my topics and the push that I had in the subject matter. Carrying out a research is always tasking and I am sure that they will want me to explain to them how I managed my research, how I got my materials and the general ups and down that characterize research work. The panelists will also want to know my organization in as far as the research work is concerned and want to know how different it is from the usual course work. Eventually, they will seek to know the relevance and my reasons for having the second essay. During that time, I will get an opportunity to prove myself and to elaborate how well I have the grip on the content matter of the topics that I chose. Course reflection Reflecting on my research, there are a lot of positivity in the work I did though I realized that there are certain things that I would have done better. My organization during the research was good. I ensured that I searched for the relevant materials and did extensive research. In the first essay, I was very keen not to have repetitions that are unnecessary. I had a lot of materials that were enough to back up the items that I discussed. The better part of the organization of my research was as a result of adequate use of the research log. Throughout my sourcing of materials, I was keen to keep track of the materials that I came by so as to give me an easy time during the actual and final compilation of the research. The research techniques that I used were adequate and helped me in compiling the content of the first essay. The

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