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A Health and Fitness Company Essay

You are a top executive in your corporation. After careful consideration, you were selected to work on a project to use MIS to change the way business is run. In a group of 5, you will be responsible for researching the practices in your industry, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the industry, and make an innovative plan to use MIS to improve on current practices. Finally, you will be required to submit a typed report and deliver an oral presentation to the board of directors following these guidelines: Your report MUST include the following side headings: 1. History and Background (provide detailed information about the industry, past and present business model/practices, the industry’s strengths and weaknesses) 2. Target Customer (identify the target customer in terms of age, gender, income, location, needs†¦etc. Have your customers’ needs changed over the years? Are all their needs fulfilled? Is there a gap between customers’ needs and market offerings?) 3. Competition (who is your competition? What are your plans to ensure that you are steps ahead of your competition and how will you respond to changes in the competitive environment?) 4. Survey and Results (you are required to design a survey to help you with your project. Be sure to include a copy of your survey questions, sample size, summary of results, and recommendations) 5. Proposed Use of MIS (explain how MIS will benefit your industry/corporation. Provide details of the benefits and challenges of using MIS in your industry/corporation) 6. Implications (what are the implications of the suggested use of MIS on the industry?) 7. Financial Benefits (what are the costs and financial benefits of using your proposed plan? Explain the impact on revenue, fixed costs, variable costs, initial investment, training, implementation, customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer satisfaction) 8. The Future (what changes do you foresee in the future of your industry/corporation? How will you respond to changes in technology, processes, competitive environment, customers’ taste/needs, economic environment†¦etc.?) The purpose of your research is to a) provide you with an opportunity to learn more about a specific industry and the current processes used b) Identify opportunities to use MIS to change how business is run and improve on current business practices. All group members must participate in the preparation of the written report and delivery of the oral presentation. Do not read directly from your report (you may use index cards to remind yourself of important points), face the audience when presenting. Allow time for questions from the audience and be prepared to answer them. Audience members must be prepared to ask questions also. Your report must be TYPED, double-spaced, use Times New Roman size 12 font for body of report. Include a cover page (with all group members’ names, title (Industry/corporation), date, presented to: Prof. Eshra) and a correctly formatted references page (APA) for all sources used (minimum of 5 different sources). Prepare a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides to use when presenting your report. Before your due date, you are required to submit a printed copy as well as an electronic copy of: 1. Your report (10 pages minimum excluding cover page/table of contents/references) April 6, 2013 2. PowerPoint presentation (minimum 10 slides)-Submit on the day you present Be as creative as you can to capture the attention of your audience (use of multimedia, original digital pictures, short videos is encouraged).

Defining Philosophy Essay

Philosophy derives from the two Greek words philein, which means ? to love,’ and sophia, which means ? knowledge’ or ? wisdom’ (Moore & Bruder, 2002, p. 2). This is not the only definition of philosophy as philosophy is a very vast subject. â€Å"A critical examination of reality characterized by rational inquiry that aims at the Truth for the sake of attaining wisdom† (Russo & Fair, 2000, 4). My interpretation of philosophy is a field of study where one thinks â€Å"outside of the box† in the search for knowledge or wisdom that does not involve scientific explanations. There is no consistency in the nature of philosophical questions. The nature of many philosophical questions concern norms. The application of norms, also known as standards occurs when people decide whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. Normative questions ask about the value of something. The field of science explains how things are but does not tell us how things ought to be. Sometimes philosophical questions arise when different people believe different things. For example, some people believe that a cause-and-effect relationship exists in everything. If a person drinks spoiled milk, he or she will get sick. There are others that believe when one voluntarily decides to do something- nothing made them decide to do that. This refutes the cause-and-effect relationship belief. Then there are many other ways to look at the situation. Is every happening caused? Or are some happenings uncaused? Or is it perhaps that decisions are not â€Å"happenings†? These questions cause a dilemma that involves philosophizing. The importance of some philosophical questions-Is there a God who is attentive, caring, and responsive to us? and Is abortion morally wrong? -is obvious and vast. A justification would have to be given for not contemplating them. But some philosophical questions are of more or less obscure, and seemingly only academic or theoretical, consequence. Not everything philosophers consider is dynamite. But then, every field has its theoretical and non-practical questions. Some questions are inherently interesting to the people who pose them. Some philosophical questions are asked because the philosopher wants to know the answer simply to know the answer. Most philosophical questions tend to fall into one of these four areas: Questions related to being or existence (Metaphysics), Questions related to knowledge (Epistemology), Questions related to values, and Questions of logic or the theory of correct reasoning. Metaphysics and Epistemology are branches of philosophy that are very similar to one another. The questions related to values are standards of conduct and conditions of responsibility. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with these areas: Cosmology- Theory of reality and Ontology- Theory of being. The two basic questions of metaphysics ask what is being?  and what are its fundamental features and properties? Some specific examples of metaphysics questions are: What is the mind? Do people have free will? â€Å"Metaphysical bookstores,† for example, specialize in all sorts of occult subjects, from channeling, harmonic convergence, and pyramid power to past-life hypnotic regression, psychic surgery, and spirit photography. However, the true history of metaphysics is quite different. Metaphysics has little to do with the occult or Tarot cards and the like. Epistemology is the theory of knowledge that asks what is the nature of knowledge and what are the criteria, sources, and limits of knowledge. Specific examples of epistemology questions are: What is truth? and Is it possible to know anything with absolute certainty? The questions related to values involve four different philosophies: (1) moral philosophy (ethics)- is the study of right and wrong in human action or the philosophical study of moral judgments; (2) social philosophy- the philosophical study of society and its institutions; (3) political philosophy- which focuses on the state and seeks to determine its justification and ethically proper organization; And (4) aesthetics- is the study of beauty or the philosophical study of art and of  value judgments about art. Questions of logic or the theory of correct reasoning, seeks to investigate and establish the criteria of valid inference and demonstration. Logic is the study of the principles of right reasoning. Logic is the basic tool that philosophers use to investigate reality. The questions raised by logic are: (1) What makes an argument valid or invalid (2) What is a sound argument? Philosophical questions differ from questions of a scientific or factual nature because philosophical answers usually entail making careful distinctions in thought, words, argument, and recognizing subtle distinctions among things and among facts. Philosophical solutions also require logic and critical thinking skills, discussion, and exposition. Philosophy involves one to learn how to look carefully for similarities and differences among things and develop an ability to spot logical difficulties in what others write or say and to avoid these pitfalls in their own thinking. In addition, in philosophy people learn to recognize and critically assess the important unstated assumptions people make about the world and themselves and other people and life in general. These assumptions affect how people perceive the world and what they say and do; yet for the most part people are not aware of them and are disinclined to consider them critically. Finally, learning philosophical lessons allow people not to become trapped by stubbornness. Philosophical lessons instill the value of open-mindedness and seeking solutions to problems that meet standards of coherence and reasonableness. References Moore, B. N. , & Bruder, K. (2002). Philosophy: The Power of Ideas (5th ed. ). Boston: McGraw-Hill Russo, M. , & Fair, G. (2000). What is Philosophy Anyway. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on March 17, 2006 from: http://www. molloy. edu/academic/philosophy/SOPHIA/what_is_philosophy_anyway. htm.

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What is British Cinema?

British cinema is the most respected industry in the world and has the impact on modern cinema. This industry is characterized by its constant debate about its distinctiveness which includes cultural and economic issues and the influence of American and European cinemas. The golden age of British cinema started in 1940 from the studios of Rank and Korda. This industry had given many actors, directors and many motion pictures (Curran and Porter, 1993). This paper covers certain aspects of British cinema industry and discusses two movies of the Drama genre released in 2009 and 2010.Both the movie is based on young generation that shows full of inspiration and enthusiasm for a particular dance form. The movies have been targeted to the youth and did good business. The movies also provided a good presentation of the present day’s culture in terms of settings, food, and clothing of characters, family types, issues faced by children in home and schools and others. These teenagers pr esented in this movie represent a different class of children altogether that have so much passion for their favorite art forms.In the recent past there have been lost of development in various forms of arts from music to dancing. Number of British, American, and Australian, Italian and many other singers and musicians are rocking the world with their music and the increased fan followings for these artists have increased. Teenagers are particularly inspired by them. The glamour of these arm forms attract millions to watch and perform. Discussion British cinema had faced the times of recession and boom. There are many factors which can be used to know the growth of this film industry.The growth can also be known by the number of movies produced. This cinema industry was boomed first time in 1910 but they again seen recession in 1920 just due to the competition with the US. The protective measures, which lead to the recovery and for the high production, Cinematograph Films Act 1927 h as been launched in 1936 Curran and Porter, 1993. As British cinema was just got recovered from the first waves of recession, it was hit by other recession waves in mid of 1970. This continued till 1980’s. Due to renewal of private and public investment, British cinema again got recovered in 1990’s.There were some movies produced during recession like Chariots of Fire (1981), which was the successful movie. Like this movie they have released many other movies and they were successful too. British industries have also launched the better technologies to edit the movie and now the movies are releasing in better picture quality. The movies have got worldwide success and these movies earn much higher as they have good picture quality, sound and the storyline like historical, cultural and artistic dimensions. These movies are also well known due to the educational behavior as these movies have some moral into it (Murphy, 2009).Many movies were produced in 2000’s but there were some movies which were highly appreciated by the viewers. Two of the movies are Fish Tank (2009) and Nowhere Boy (2009), which are from the same genre (drama) but the movies are based on the lives of teenage. Movie 1: Fish Tank (2009) Fish Tank is the movie which is based on the life of a teenage girl who got influenced by the street dancers and describes their dancing as being horrible. In this movie, Mia who is just 15 years old girl and living with her mother and sister on Essex Council Estate.She never go out of her estate as she was secured in her house because as she move out, the authorities starts troubling her and that’s why she had left her schooling. She just drinks cider most of the times, in her house. She only came out of her house when she does the street dancing otherwise she remain in her lonely flat and practice inside the house only. Once when she was roaming around in her estate, she saw a horse which was trying to get free but the horse was una ble to get free. She found it painful and brought the hammer to help the horse but she faced the anger of its three owners.Two of the owners have grabbed her to stop her but she get away from them after struggling with them. She got free just because of the dog of Mr. Billy, the third owner of the horse and explained everything to Mia. He told her that the horse is not thin but it is ill and it is in its last stage. After this meet they both have became friends. Connor, Mia’s mother’s boyfriend, while preparing the tea in the kitchen, interacted with Mia regarding the music video that Mia was watching. Connor works as the security guard in the hardware store and wanted to be a father figure for the two children.Connor always carries Mia to her room and also removes shoes and put blanket on her. Mia’s mother, Joanne, was enthusiastic as when she asked for the trip, both of the girls got ready to attend her mother and Tyler had shown much interest. When they were on trip, Connor asked about the animal and played the songs of California Dreaming. Mia always tried to impress Connor as when he was catching fish she helped him and also when her mother got hurt in the river, Connor avoided Joanne to give a piggy-back ride to Mia.Mia was slowly attracting towards Connor and she was having some thought in her mind related to Connor. She reacts angrily with the Connor and due to which Connor came to know that she is the witness of the intercourse between him and Mia’s mother. Connor borrowed the camera and gave that to Mia as she wants to go for the auditions of the local dance. In between that time Mia came across the social worker who was introduced by her mother to restart her schooling which she had left. But Mia refused to go and had a drink from kitchen and went out of house.She had seen the video on street dancing on YouTube and took the help of Billy to search the car parts to buy the alcohol for her self. After she sent her video, sh e received the call for the audition. When they were celebrating by having the drink, Connor asked Mia to show her dance steps. She performed on California dreaming and was asked by Connor to sit along with him. As Joanne went upstairs, Connor and Mia had sex and then he was embarrassed by the thing he had done with Mia. So he told her not to reveal the secret to Joanne.The very next day she came to know from her mother and Tyler that Connor had left and Mia knows the place where she can find Connor. Mia found him in his house in Tilbury and talked with him so he told her that he is unable to go back again to her mother which directly indicates that he doesn’t even want to meet Mia again. She didn’t made any issue of the age difference but Connor given her money before the goodbye kissing and left her to the station to get herself back home. She wasn’t ready to back her home but she again reached to the Connor’s home from the back window and entered into it as she found it empty.In Connor’s house, she came to know that Connor is married and also he’s having the daughter named, Keira and she had a call of nature over there on the floor. Mia then came out of the house and made a move but she have seen Keira playing on her scooter, also she convinced Keira to set off across the field along with her that she’ll give her an ice-cream as told by the Keira’s mother to Mia. Keira started kicking Mia as they were running through the field and approaching towards river. As Keira became upset, then she started troubling Mia, and as Mia got frustrated, she pushed her and Keira fallen down into the river.Then Mia saved Keira with the help of the Branch of the tree otherwise Keira might have drawn completely. After saving Keira, they both returned back towards the home as the Keira was wet and feeling cold too. Then in between their way to home, Connor arrived and slapped Mia and pushes back her. He then took Keira and drive back towards the home. Many days have been passed and then Mia came to the audition for which she had been called and seen the exotic dancer performing. Her turn came and she came on stage and music started.Then she had seen the fellow semi-nude auditionees and she walked off from the stage and went out to find Billy. She came to know that the horse which she cared for was dead and started weeping. Then Billy came and tried to stop her weeping and ask her to accompany him as he was leaving for Cardiff. Mia got ready and packed her bags and after having a dance with her mother and sister on the song â€Å"Life is a Bitch and then you die†, she went off. While she was leaving her mother didn’t reacted as she said good bye and then she sat with Billy and drive away for the new life.The movie is full of drama and sequence of events that keeps the interest of audiences. Mia in the Fish Tank is struggling with her own emotions, desires and issues of morality. The clim ax of the movie is a mixer of the feelings where in one hand she leaves the audition that was for erotic dancer, her favourite horse dies and she decides to move ahead to explore better opportunity and before that she enjoys with her family. Movie 2 Another movie which was also based on the same genre was â€Å"Nowhere Boy†. In this movie a teenage boy, Johnson, got success just because of his aunt and uncle.His aunt, Mimi, who is loving, inspirational and reserved kind of woman while her husband, George, is companion for the lively and intelligent boy. John was overwhelmed, when her uncle died due to cancer. During the funeral, John met his cousin Stan who showed him the place where his mother lives and was shocked that the house is nearby to his aunt’s and there he met Julia. Julia was fun loving girl whereas her aunt was strict. Julia’s clothes and her hair have the matching which work as the attraction for John towards Julia. The relationship became deeper b etween Julia and John which was unfair to Mimi.Julia teaches John to play Banjo and also introduced him to â€Å"Rock n Roll†. Mimi unknowingly bought a guitar for John and due to which he failed to improve in the school and was suspended. Then he moved along with Julia to her home where he met with Bobby. In that night he heard Julia and Bobby’s conversation with which he recognized that Julia is soft hearted and next day she again moved back to her aunt’s house. Then he met with the young guitarist who just looks like a twelve years old kid but he can play the guitar better than any other band.They started the rehearsals together and the band also started creating buzz. Soon he started getting fame and he enjoyed that. Then on Julia’s birthday, he met her after a long time span and found out the truth that why he got irritated in his life. And after that his life started moving smoothly and he got success to every point. The movie shows the struggle of the teenager to deal with the past and move ahead with life. The events and the presentation of events have been very impressive in entire movie.In both the movies, the main aspect was to show the life of the teenage girl and a boy that how the society deals with. In Fish Tank, Mia was the girl who got admired by the street dancers who were performing and in Nowhere Boy also, John got admired from the guitarist who can be able to play much better than the band. And in both the movies, director had shown clearly that the future is influenced by the past. So Mia got tensed in the movie Fish Tank as she heard that Connor had left them and in Nowhere Boy, John was also got irritated due to his past.These movies was generally built for the young generation people as they already have pressure of studies and their hobbies and what they want to be in their life. Society also provide pressure to them which result in making pressure in the mind of the child and due to this many children left studying and they got distracted from their hobbies too. Reference British Film Industry available at http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/in_depth/entertainment/2003/british_film_industry/default. stm Curran and Porter, 1993 British Cinema History, London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson 9-23Murphy, R. ed. , 2009 The British Cinema Book, London: BFI, 1-64, 65-142 Fish Tank official website http://www. michaelfassbender. org/episodesfte. html http://www. hollywoodreporter. com/hr/film-reviews/fish-tank-film-review-1003973214. story Image Fish Tank from http://www. movieroar. com/images/fish-tankpster1. jpg Nowhere Boy Movie Review http://www. futuremovies. co. uk/review. asp? ID=1110 No Where Boy movie details available at http://www. nowhereboy. co. uk/ http://www. hollywoodreporter. com/hr/film-reviews/nowhere-boy-film-review-1004031851. story

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System Ergonomics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

System Ergonomics - Essay Example The goal in ergonomics is to identify aspects of the job that are hazardous and to redesign these aspects so that they are safer (Owen, 2000). This paper examines how ergonomics can be used to train workers to cope with a disastrous situation. Hillsborough disaster occurred on April 15, 1989, at Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield, England. It has been the worst-ever sporting disaster, resulting in 96 deaths and 766 injuries during the FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool (BBC News, 1989). The Hillsborough stadium was segregated between the opposing fans, with the Liverpool fans being assigned to the Leppings Lane End of the stadium with the capacity of 14,600 people, while the Forest fans were given the Spion End of the ground which held 21,000 (Mirron Football, 2010). Half an hour before the kickoff, the crowd started getting bigger outside the Leppings Lane because the turnstiles were not able to let enough fans in fast enough to ease the pressure (BBC News, 1989). The match was scheduled for 3.00 pm but by that time, more than 5000 fans were still outside the stadium. As the match began, orders were given to open the gates to stand, which did not have turnstiles, to ease the pressure of fans outside the ground to avoid deaths there (BBC News, 1989). This caused a rush of fans through the gate into the stadium, pushing the ones who were already there forward and crushing them against the high, wired-topped safety fences. The people who were entering were unaware of the pressure they were causing at the fences and there were no police or stewards standing at the entrance to direct these fans. An estimated 2,000 fans entered the ground through the exit gate and a large number of them went down the tunnel which led straight in to pens 3 and 4, in the centre of the terrace (Wade, 2010). Since there were no policemen or stewards present at the terrace, no one was able to direct the crowd to the side and the pressure started building up

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IMC Proposal London Zoo Marketing Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IMC Proposal London Zoo Marketing - Dissertation Example As part of the IMC dissertation proposal for ZSL London Zoo, this report will give the readers an overview of the market competitive framework. In line with this, the market structure of London Zoo will first be tackled followed by comparing the profile and marketing activities of ZSL’s major competitors and discussing the importance of continuously promoting the central brand. Based on the product life cycle analysis, the current distribution policy and pricing policy will be tackled in details. Chapter II – Literature Review Overview of the Market Competitive Framework Although there are more than 100 zoos throughout the United Kingdom, the only 3 zoos that are currently operational in London include the Battersea Park Children’s zoo, the Sea Life London Aquarium, and the London Zoo (Zoo Keepers, 2009). Among these four zoos that are currently operational in this area, only the London Zoo is classified as the major zoo throughout the United Kingdom. (See Append ix I – Major Zoo Operators in London on page 7) Given that there are only three zoos being operational in London, its market structure is classified as oligopoly. In line with this, Arnold (2010, p. ... Aside from publicly announcing the arrival of a new animal, the marketing strategies used by the Battersea Park Children’s zoo, the Sea Life London Aquarium, and the London Zoo are similar in the sense that these operators are focused on providing discounts on group tours, accepting parties and school visits (Sea Life London Aquarium, 2011; Battersea Park Children's Zoo, 2011; ZSL, 2011). Specifically Battersea Park Children’s Zoo (2011) offers the public the option to adopt an animal for either 6 months or 1 year programme. Aside from entering into joint business partnership with University of Cambridge, ZSL London Zoo is more focused on promoting its forthcoming science and conservation events and offering children with more options to enjoy their stay at the zoo (ZSL, 2011). Importance of Promoting the Central Brand According to Aaker (1991), brand equity is a multi-dimensional concept which is strongly related to the development of strong brand loyalty, creation of brand awareness, perceived service quality, and brand association. Being more than just choosing a corporate name, King (2010) explained that branding is crucial behind the success of the ZSL London Zoo because a strong brand could develop familiarity and loyalty on the part of its prospective zoo visitors. Because of the importance of continuously promoting the central brand, the managers of ZSL should take it as a challenge in making the general public feel special when being associated with a brand. By considering its product life cycle analysis, ZSL can implement marketing strategies that will strengthen its brand and keep its existing customers loyal to the zoo. Product

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To be a great leader one must first be a great manager, DISCUSS Essay

To be a great leader one must first be a great manager, DISCUSS - Essay Example Even if a person objects to authoritarian leadership and feels compelled to commit him/herself to just be a good leader, he/she still can face a number of hurdles while running his/her organization if all the managerial knowledge and skills are not smartly engineered first. Leading and management are seen as complementary and related by Andersen (2012). Though leadership and management are distinct, they still should be balanced. The theme of this essay is that one cannot become a great leader without becoming a great manager first who has shrewd and insightful skills about handling people and keeping them sane even amidst the worst of circumstances possible. The essay will discuss how learning to maintain a sound reputation as a manager could be important for a leader and why a leader less concerned about developing smart managerial strategies and good relations with employees can never make it to the top. Bartridge (2007) emphasizes that leaders should practice the 5 L’s whi ch are about looking, listening, learning, leading, and laughing with their team. Such traits not only aspire people to perform well but also build up their connections with staff. The riveting combination of responsible leadership and management actually proves to be the magic recipe for any successful organization. Many people are heard calling themselves the leaders but seldom among them care enough to be good managers also. The old manager vs. leader argument implies that â€Å"some great managers struggle with change and fail to be great leaders, while a great leader might fail to create a sense of stability in an organization and not measure up as a manager† (Blagg and Young, 2001) which is why both leadership and management should overlap. The key element capable of carrying an anonymous leader all they way up to greatness and worldwide fame is good management and big globally successful companies like Apple Inc. and Starbucks fully acknowledge this fact. Both leadersh ip and management, though different in certain aspects, should be carefully balanced with each other as â€Å"both have essential roles in the function and effectiveness of organizations† (DeGrosky, 2012). Hard times strike every organization and every business around the world from time to time but the power lies in sharp managerial skills which can save the ratings of a business in the market from plummeting down even when finances are not so handsome. â€Å"An individual can be a great leader, a great manager, or both, but each area requires the mastery of slightly different skills and competencies† (Ricketts, 2009). People can be managed and carried safely through hard times if the leaders care enough to win their confidence by carefully balancing management and leadership. The Balancing Act as explained by Valenzuela (2010) implies that leadership and management should be balanced to cure the disease in which organizations tend to be either overmanaged or underled . Leaders should know how to listen and communicate as this is implied by good management. â€Å"Leaders need to be masterful listeners; they need to be able to receive as well as send† (Blagg and Young, 2001). Without support of positive style management, leadership alone can never save a company from sinking in the depths of anonymity and failure. In fact without good management, there is no leadership

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Nature or nurture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nature or nurture - Essay Example This at least seem possible conclusions that may be drawn from the work of Michael Kimmel, a sociologist, teaching at the University of New York at Stony Brook. Apart from having written on gender in general and men in particular, he has also produced numerous books and journal articles that deal specifically with the issues of masculinity, particularly that of teenage boys and young men under the age of 30. In a recent book (2008), Kimmel discusses the ‘code of masculinity’ these young men are socialized into, usually from an age earlier than even puberty, and the fear that is created by enforcement tactics used by others around them to ensure that the socialization process is successful. It is not only Kimmel but also others like Kindlon and Thompson (qtd. In Kimmel 2008) who point out that young men are not comfortable with the denial of personal needs and with living in emotional isolation. The cruel treatment they suffer at the hands of their peers leaves them beref t and is the reason for many teenage suicides. The fact that so many young boys and men appear to be extremely ill at ease with ‘wearing the mask of masculinity’ (Pollack qtd. ... nowledges the recent pre-occupation with biology in the area of human identity, and the apparent demise of theories of gender as a social construct, she also points to the fact that the difficulties so-called ‘transgender’ children experience, appear to have been exacerbated by parental indulgence. These children take on role-playing at a very early age – usually the role of the opposite sex – and persist with it, without a sign of change in sight. In A Boy’s Life (November 2008) Rosin maps the options that are open to these children and how their parents agonize over choices they are ill equipped to make. Both Rosin and Kimmel offer a disturbing view of the motivation of peers, parents, communities and professionals, those involved in the negotiation of gender and identity, and how a mix of fear of rejection, a need for normalcy and peer approval, parental weakness and professional ambition can lead to a single-minded homing in on only those solutio ns that serve these purposes. As Kimmel points out, it is not surprising that a system that is held together by fear and constant peer affirmation should selectively look to nature and nurture to justify itself. Like many other ambiguous intellectual constructs, it uses contradictory justifications. Thus, masculinity is described to be the result of evolutionary and chemical processes – biologically determined, unalterable and unassailable (614). It would appear that men come into the world, fully ‘wired’ for masculinity. This is indeed biology at work. Yet, curiously, it is vulnerable. It must be re-enforced by toughening up or it is in danger of lapsing. As Kimmel points out, if it is indeed hard-wired, nothing whatsoever would need to be done to preserve it. But that is clearly not the case, otherwise men

Security Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Security Issues - Essay Example The popularity of internet prompts the use of e-business. Most commercial activities apply the use of e-commerce. Through, e commerce involves e banking, supply chain management, electronic data processing (EDI), and online-business processing, amongst other transactions. Countries like UK widely employ the use of Ecommerce. Statistics confirms the fact by the sale of close to $175 billion in the year 2007, and the anticipation for growth nears $335 billion by 2012. The integration of the digital world poses a security threat to the citizen; as many would propose. Is there a back-up in case of a software crash, power-cut or hardware malfunction? Simply spilling coffee on a computer could ruin or damage everything. According to Muhammad Awais (2012) three main weakness of e-commerce are; security, fake websites and fraud. Abu-Ein et al. (2012) in their article â€Å"E-commerce: Security and Applications† also mention attacks by hackers and non-trusted personnel. Human factors are another concern that could cause serious problems. E commerce comes with privacy issues that affect customers significantly. This appears prompted by fraud, theft and impersonation of individuals who end up fooling customers. This appears to destroy a company’s name. The United States government reports security breaches in nine leading retailers; and a minimum of 40 million in debit and credit card numbers. The US Attorneys considers hacking, and impersonation as the most dominant theft cases ever acted against by the justice department. In a bid to conquer the problem, the EU and the US legislation authorize some organizations to disclose to customers how to verify the validity of their product (Evans, 2012). The revelations appear effective when delivered through privacy policies, in online and offline situations. Some studies experiments deem the relating of privacy policies via trustworthiness,

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Why did I closed down my business Personal Statement

Why did I closed down my business - Personal Statement Example Therefore, lack of focus led to closure of the business. Second reason behind the closing down of the business is lack of trust on the individual skills which are required to run the business to greater heights. Successful entrepreneurs are goal oriented and have internal interest towards the tasks that they undertake (Nieuwenhuizen 2009, p. 9). Business has a varying results and it’s the mandate of the manager to know how to deal with the situations when they arise. Fear of failure is the reason behind the closure of the business as there was a mentality of personal failure in the future. When managing a business that a person does not own a manager is shielded from losses as they go to the stockholders rather than the management (Nieuwenhuizen, 2009, p. 17). Business needs planning and forecasting for it to prosper. An individual entrepreneur who poorly plans for his/her business is likely to be attracted to other opportunities that make him lose focus towards the main goal of achieving success in running the business (Nieuwenhuizen, 2009, p. 9). This was the case as there was poor planning for the future which made you to lose focus when an enticing opportunity

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Dispencing a contraceptive pills for minors without parental Research Proposal

Dispencing a contraceptive pills for minors without parental permission - Research Proposal Example Providing access to contraceptive pills has its pros and cons. It can be considered a good thing as it reduces the risk of pregnancy, however at the same time if parents do not know about their child’s activities it can be harmful to the child in the future. Taking contraceptive pills can have long term effects like hypertension and abnormalities in glucose tolerance. In my research I propose to answer question as whether parental control is necessary or not for the provision of contraceptive pills. During I research I came across several journals and articles which answer my questions. Article like ‘Adolescent Contraception’ by Rochelle A. Turetsky, M.D., Victor C. Strasburger, M.D., and ‘Fertility Effects of Abortion and Birth Control Pill Access for Minors’ by Melanie Guldi are some of the articles which talk about the different options available for contraception. These articles also discuss the laws related to confidentiality and access to contraceptive pills to minors. In my research I have used these articles and many others to help me provide strong argument for my

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The Treaty of Westphalia present new diplomacy in Europe Essay

The Treaty of Westphalia present new diplomacy in Europe - Essay Example However, this assertion has been frequently been under attack from revisionists and politicians. The former questions the importance of the Peace while the latter criticizing the system adopted by Westphalia sovereign states. Every nation, however small, had equal representation in the General Assembly of the United Nation with each having one vote. Membership of the United Nation grew from 50 since its inception to 192 at the start of twentieth century. Some of the members were former colonies of the founders of the United Nation thus serving their interest instead of the aspirations of their people (Darby, 2001). Discussion Desire for self-determination by most of the states took center stage in the post colonization such that other important issues such as confederacy were shelved. Westphalia marked the end of monarchs’ view that states were their property and also ensured that the sovereignty of other states was observed. Imperialism did not end even after the treaty since most of the European countries administered one rule to their people but to the countries outside Europe they administered different forms of administration. Countries that believe in equal sharing of natural resources view Westphalia state as an hindrance; there is no country which is determined to act unless on their personal interest and most of them are not ready to give power to any outsider for they believe that this could threaten their sovereignty (Nye, 2000). Due to the large number of participants with various conflicting interests, it is difficult to determine a specific pattern of negotiation; however the fundamental aims of the participants can be narrowed. The major aim of the emperor was complete and final conclusion of peace process for he desperately needed religious and territorial settlements. Mazarin’s desire for ultimate peace ended when Spain terminated their negotiation in1646. Spain wanted to reach to an agreement with the Dutch and continue the war ( Darby, 2001). According to the Germans, the French preferred destruction of the Emperor’s influence through installation of imperial institutions. This had many setbacks because most of these Emperors preferred Holy Roman Empire and an appetite for emperor who did not pay allegiance to the French and Sweden. Count Maximilian Von Trauttsmannsdorf did not have any problem in restating these demands to the French. France wanted parts of the Alsace, and Lorraine, but they were modest since France was determined to acquire Spanish territory (Waltz, 1979). Mazarin broke a deal in 1646 with the emperor to have Habsburg domains in Alsace for 1.2 million thalers. Due to Queen Christina’s desire for immediate settlement, the Swedes were ready for a compromise with her. However the French were concerned about Sweden becoming powerful. Mazarin constructed Brandenburg to back up Swedish power on the February of 1647 and the envoy to Sweden was urged to partition Pomerania. Due to t ension between the allies Trauttmannsdorf seized the opportunity to exploit them in many ways. In Habsburg, especially in Bohemian, Sweden expected religious compromise. When the emperor learned that the French had no sympathy for the Swedish Protestants he resisted any attempt to enforce these demands. In light of religion, issues pertaining to territory and allegiance were adequately dealt with in Peace of Prague and at the Diet of Regensburg; however status of Calvinism and secularized areas remained

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Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment Essay Example for Free

Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment Essay Psychoanalytic theory was developed by Sigmend Freud. It is a system in which unconscious motivations are considered to shape normal and abnormal personality development and behavior. Psychoanalysis is commonly used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Freud’s Psychosexual Theory of Development explains that if there was a conflict in a stage and not resolved that person would be fixated. Carl Jung’s Analytic Psychology is according to the mind or psyche. Alfred Alder’s Individual Psychology is the importance of each person’s perceived niche in society. Freud’s work is now the most heavily cited in all of psychology. Most of Freud’s patients did not need treatment so he resorted to using hypnosis. He used the technique of free association in order to understand the causes of mental and physical problems in his patients. Dreams to him were saw as pieces and hints of unconscious. The problems of inner conflict and tension are found in dreams. There are three structured parts in the mind according to Freud. The three parts are id, ego, and superego. Freud’s and Jung are compared by using unconscious sexuality in their theories. The id, das es in German means the it; it operates according to the demands of the pleasure principle to reduce inner tension. Ego is the Latin word for I. Personality that deals with the real world according to the reality principle to solve real problems. Superego rules over the ego and parts are unconscious, though it constrains our individual actions. Freud looked for meaning in minor connections thoughts and behaviors. Now 100 of years later there are no three levels id, ego, and superego. Freud was correct in concluding that certain parts of the mind are not subject to conscious awareness. His theories opened new approaches to human nature and psychotherapy. Carl Jung theory is divided into three parts just as Freud’s theory is. The three are unconscious, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious. Freud and Carl embody the sense of self for unconscious. Personal unconscious are thoughts and urges that are unimportant at the present. This contains past (retrospective) and future (prospective) material to be compensated to have a balance. Collective unconscious is comprises a deeper level of unconsciousness and is made up of powerful emotional symbols called archetypes. Archetypes are derived from the emotional reactions of our ancestors. Carl Jung was interested in the deepest universal aspects of personality and expanded ideas of the unconscious to include emotionally charged images and expanded ideas of all generations. He also gives the concepts of complexes meaning emotionally charged thoughts and feeling on a particular them. Another thing is he describes personality as being comprised of competing forces pulling against one another to reach equilibrium. Alfred Adler focused on the social world and its identity. Adler and Freud’s differences were in the origin of motivation. Freud theory was based on prime motivations that were built on pleasure and sexuality. Adler’s theory is based on motivations that are more complex. Adler was much more concerned with social conditions and saw the need to take preventive measures to avoid disturbances in personality. He believed personality problems can be avoided by using detailed knowledge about individuals to construct healthier social environment. Personality typology based loosely on Greek notions of the bodily humors. He believed in positive goal oriented and nature of human kind. There are two characteristics that I agree with which are: Jung’s personal unconscious and Alder’s superiority complex. There are two characteristics that I disagree with which are: Freud’s latency stage and Alder’s collective unconscious. Psychosexual Development has five stages: oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, Oedipus complex, Electra complex, latency stage, and genital stage. Oral stage is where we satisfy our hunger and thirst. Anal stage is where we feel relief when defecating. Phallic stage is where adolescents focus on genitals. Oedipus stage is where a young boy wants to kill his father to marry his beloved mother. This is the opposite for girls in the Electra complex. Latency stage is where adolescents focus more on academics and friendships. Genital stage is where marks the beginning of an adult life of normal sexual relations, marriage, and child-rearing. Challenges from the outer environment and from our inner urges threaten us with anxiety; there are three defense mechanisms that I can relate to very well. The three are reaction formation, displacement, and rationalization. The processes that the ego uses to distort reality to protect itself are called defense mechanisms. Reaction formation is the process of pushing away threatening impulses by overemphasizing the opposite in one’s thoughts and actions, e.g. Josephine was a classmate of mine in 2008. A lot of my peers in that year were exposing themselves to be either gay or lesbian. Josephine’s religious and outspoken background made her very judgmental towards her peers. Ultimately, the summer of 2009 being in the spotlight of high school she had a girlfriend. Displacement is the shifting of the target of one’s unconscious fears and desires, e.g. Jason and I get into arguments all the time just as any normal couple. The dishes were not washes like I had asked. For some reason my frustration was at an all-time high. The dog tipped over the trash can in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Not to mention the dog feces in the living. I had enough so I kicked my dog, Charles. Rationalization is a mechanism involving post-hoc logical explanations for behaviors that were actually driven by internal unconscious motives, e.g. I want to move back home so that it will be easier for the baby and I just know it would be so much easier and a better opportunity for me to concentrate on school, but the underlying is that I just want to leave my current home. In conclusion, psychoanalytic theory was developed by Freud. This is a system in which unconscious motivations are considered to shape normal and abnormal personality development and behavior. Both Freud and Jung believed ego played a huge part in personality and the unconscious sexuality. Adler and Freud’s theory differed by the origin of motivation. Freud believes in prime motivations were pleasure and sexuality. Adler believes in human motivations that are more complex. Like Jun Adler believed in the importance of the teleological aspects, or goal-directedness of human nature. Difference in Freud’s and Adler’s philosophies was that Adler was much more concerned with social conditions. He saw the need to take preventive measures to avoid disturbances in personality. In all of these theories helped open new approac hes to human nature and psychotherapy. References Friedman, H. S., Schustack, M. W. (2011). Personality. Classic Theories and Modern Research (5th ed.). Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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Social Impact Of Technology Information Technology Essay

Social Impact Of Technology Information Technology Essay From the development of Stone Age to modern technology era, mankind is proving best in invention and innovation of new and latest technology. Technology is a system based on the application of knowledge, manifested in physical object and organization form for attainment of specific goal (Volti, 2006). Advancement in technology has changed the existence of human civilization. Its not only the material benefits are being observed, even analytical thinking and outlook is immensely changed. Directly or indirectly everyone is obsessed to technology. As a fact that every coin has two side advantages disadvantages, this truth is also observed in technology. Does technology going in right way or it will ruin our entire society..? Headway in computer technology proves to be boon for whole humanity. First freely programmable computer was being invented in 1936 by Konrad Zuse (bellis, n.d.) than after great advancement of computer technology was being observed till date resulting in palmtops and micro mini laptops with high capability and storage. Compute is nothing but electronic device to carry out calculation and computation along with program accessibility. Firstly the concept of computer was developed to carry out calculation and in early stage computer was with limited functions and user-friendliness. Before computer was invented many of the human force and time was being consumed to carry out one particular task. It was mechanical calculator which motivated inventor to think over the invention of computer with binary system and storage facility. With the passage of time new and newer innovation toke place and first and foremost computer was being former with giant side almost equal to room along with vacu um tube as their electronic elements (encyclopaedia, n.d.) which advances in 1951, first commercial computer was formed followed by entry of IBM- international business machines in history of computer (bellis, n.d.) than transistor based computer was formed with high speed and cheaper price. Integrated circuit technology and creation of microprocessor changes the total outlook of computer technology. 1st program language was formed in 1954 by John Backus IBM (bellis, n.d.). Along with such development a peak time in the history of computer was being observed by acceptance of personal and home computer. The original internet invention in 1969 followed by invention of networking in 1973 changed the stance of computer and computer industries. This creation made a world a global country. Today application of computer is found in each and every field of society. In other words we can say that society is running on computer and computer application. Every single sector and every individual human activity include use of computer. Now a days computer is being use for banking by which you can make your transaction and maintain record of all banking information on tip of your figure. Education is broadly developed with the application of computer. E-learning, E-Classes and E-teaching are enhanced with on-going technology. One can write more effectively by means of a computer. There are tools like spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus and dictionary, installed in the computer. Thus, it takes less time to proofread a written document and also, there is no need to open up a dictionary book to look for meanings of words. Typing is much faster than writing on a paper. If there is a need for reorganizing the sentences or paragraphs, one can cut and paste and make the necessary changes. Thus, overall a computer allows the user to create documents, edit, print, and store them so that they can be retrieved later Computer prove to be good entertainment device, high graphic games and high definition video quality can be experience with that small manoeuvre. Current affairs and latest happening around the globe can be privileged from one click of computer. One of the remarkable achievements is in the field of communication and education. These fields have found a great diversification with the funding of computer and internet. Some of the impossible works in an organization are now possible with bless of computer, production process become fast and accurate. Intranet made transactions fast and prove to be convenient for work force. Weather forecast and future prediction relating to weather are being done by computer and other supporting equipments. Militaries development, safety of life and less healthy issue are being resulted with use of computer. Study of m icro organization and research work for new invention and innovation with advance modification are now possible. Every means of transportation from roadways to railways along with sae way enrich them self with computer technology for more speedy and safe transportation. Cure for diseases and new medicines are formed after doing calculation of computer. Computer has made us life easy and convenient. Social impact of computer on society is really at positive side. Computer affected commerce and it took it to new end. Now production process is being carried out with the help of computer robotic technology is use and accuracy is experienced along with much utilization of time and man force. Even at job level accountability of work by an individual increases speedy and fast out come and much big calculation are done in fraction of seconds. Production capacity increases and cost of production is decreased to a remarkable point. With online messenger and social website now to communicate with any one in any part of the world is really easy. Prior sending and receiving mails from one place to another was taking half and month but now possibility of live chats are practised and this made a world a small country social community website and group are being formed which give freedom to chat and interact with each other and to understand one another society and culture. Effect on environment of computer is among remarkable note. New innovation is being done for preserving environment and its resources, use of paper is being reduced by E-filling and E-mails. Instrument and computer operated engines are formed to control pollution and whether for casting or climatic is being monitored and observed. With the help of computer best affected fields is medicine, as now some of the serious disease and injuries are cureable with the help of computer technology. Heart transplant, bypass surgery, X-rays, CT scan, different diagnosis, heart rate, pulse rate etc. all is being monitored with help of computer (dhavele, 2010). Nowadays, computers are widely used for education and training purposes. In schools, computer education has been made compulsory to spread awareness about computers. As a matter of fact, computers have become a learning tool for children. Also, there are many universities that provide  online degrees, which is very advantageous for those pe ople staying in the remote areas and for the disabled. In fact,  online education  is one of the most flexible and convenient forms of learning. One can take the benefit of such  online degree programs  staying at home without the need of relocation. Computers are also used for training purposes. Many companies use them to train their staffs. With the help of computer has also become cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. We can now communicate with anyone around the globe by simply text messaging them, or sending them an email, for an almost instantaneous response. The internet has also opened up face-to-face direct communication from different parts of the world, thanks to the help of video-conferencing (majja, n.d.). Computer is such a device which help and human being in each and every field in most possible way. Computer is such a gadget which is being found in every one home now. Some of the data showing current computer application brought out by conduct of American Research Company are 65% of Americans spend more time sitting in front of their PC than with their wives and husbands   84% of them are already addicted to computers,  52% of PC users take their PC system failure as their personal failure; Computer has changed out life of whole society and has created many convenient facility along with bless type technology in our day to day life. With all the positive effect of computer we can say those computers are BOON to whole mankind and to surrounding society! X=X=X

Naturalism The Open Boat To Build A Fire English Literature Essay

Naturalism The Open Boat To Build A Fire English Literature Essay Naturalism is a form of literature that strives to achieve the reproduction of the human characters with the involvements of environment, heredity, instinct, chance, and also the present social conditions of the particular time in which the work was written. American literary naturalism is closely associated with literary realism, and is heavily influenced by determinism: which states that a persons behaviors are swayed by heredity and environment. ( In these short stories authors Stephen Crane and Jack London try to portray their characters accurately through their characters internal thoughts and actions influenced by the indifferent forces of nature. Instead of the characters having free reign in the short stories, the naturalist authors portray the characters action and thoughts being heavily influenced by uncontrollable environmental forces. The characters in the authors short stories struggle to survive against an inhuman and an insensitive universe. The authors strive to gain meanings within their own writings of the experience, which in return establishes authenticity of the characters human endeavor. In Stephen Cranes short story, The Open Boat, Crane writes of four mens thoughts and actions while fighting to survive against the brutal forces of the open sea. Crane reveals mans conflicts with an indifferent nature; that isnt necessarily concerned with human actions and humanity desire to live. As the moon falls, and the sun begins to beam the light of day the men began to grasp the full aspects of their situation. As the men look ashore for safety, the four crew members are prone to mistakes and confusion on thoughts of safely making it ashore. The correspondent is presented to readers as inquisitive, curious to know the reason for the situation he seems to be trapped in. The cook is seems to be almost light-hearted and sure of life. The captain is constantly struggling to find a successful plan for bringing his crew successfully ashore. The oiler is presented as the most composed, and also most skeptical of there success of reaching the safety of land. Crane develops the brotherhood of the four men crew as an opposing force against the destructive and indifferent forces of the ea surrounding them. The world around the four men battling against the seas harsh nature is dramatically and constantly referred as indifferent to their attempts at humane survival. The cook states he believes that they will be saved by people ashore, who will recognize the danger theyre in, and send a rescue party to save them. Cook, remarked the captain, there dont seem to be any signs of life about your house of refugee. No, replied the cook. Funny the dont see us!(pg.191.ln.59-60) Crane seems to be suggesting the uncertainties of life that we believe in things not realistically possible and hope for things not there. True to the naturalistic style of literature, the men almost never seem to be free of the grasp of the menacing sea around them. Recognizing that they are unlikely to be rescued the captain plans bring the boat into the shore themselves. As they come near to shore, fierce waves force all four men out of the boat.Only the oiler does not survive. Crane suggests that this life and death struggle with the ocean must demand some price. In this tale, the price to be paid for battling against nature and emerging victorious is that one man must die. Crane seems to choose the oiler as the sacrificial lamb since he is the least friendly of the crew and the closest to living as if dead when he was alive. To battle the sea a man must be willing to give his all and choose life.  Crane ends his extraordinary tale with the same compressed elegance with which it began. None of the men may have known the color of the sky as they sat in the dinghy for hours tossed on the sea, but they intimately learned the colors of the sea. the captain, the cook and the correspondent know that they have acquired new knowledge. They have survived to become interpreters of the sea, its sounds, rhythms and cruelties. The oiler has vanished but the cheerful cook was able to float ashore with a lazy grace desiring to eat another slice of the pie of life. Nature is always pushing man to his limits. When man heeds the warning signs that nature has to offer and those warnings of other men, he is most likely to conquer nature. When he ignores these warnings, nature is sure to defeat man. To build a fire is a prime example of this scenario. In the short story, To Build a Fire by Jack London, an inexperienced traveler in the Yukon travels alone with his dog, even though it is ill advised to do so. The man is strong and smart but nature humbled him during his quest to reach his friends. The mans inexperience with traveling in the cold subzero temperatures doomed him from the beginning, but his strong focus under extreme pressure and his keen sense of observation are what allows him t o survive as long as he did. The ignorance of the old-timers words of wisdom slowly haunts him and catches up with him in the end. The mans disregard for natures power is his demise during his journey.  Although the mans inexperience is his demise, he has very keen observing skills and strong focusing abilities. London writes, he was keenly observant, and he noticed the changes in the creek, the curves and bends and timber-jams, and always he sharply noted where he placed his feet.(Pg.117.  ¶.2,ln.1)   The dog, on the other hand, although guided by his learned behavior still has its instincts. The dog follows the man throughout the ill fated journey, but after the man dies he relies on his instincts to survive the brutal forces of nature on the journey through the Yukon. Then it turned and trotted up the trail in the direction of the camp it knew, where there were other food providers and fire providers (129). London chose to use nature as the antagonist, a force working again st the main characters will to survive. Very similar to the use of the environment in Stephen Cranes The Open Boat. London accomplishes his personification in the story by giving the environment many humane characteristics. He had to accept the inevitable. Not only did he have to accept death, he had to acknowledge that the Old-Timer was right when warning him about traveling alone.   While the man was dying, he was angry at the dog because of its natural warmth, instincts that he had, and the survival skills that the dog used. Those were the elements that the man lacked. It was a shame that the protagonist had to suffer and die in order to find out that mans frail body cannot withstand natures harsh elements in spite of his over-confident, psychological strength.   Naturalistic writers Stephen Crane and Jack London focus on qualities of men usually associated with the heroic or adventurous, acts of violence, bodily strength, and desperate moments usually attached with acts of survival. The authors seek not only to reproduce stories of real life, but journey into the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in their stories. The stories deal with the raw and unpleasant experiences while struggling for survival; which helps with the understanding of the intermingling in life of the controlling forces of nature and individual worth, without dehumanizing their characters. Beaver, Harold. Realism and Naturalism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature.  Modern Language Review  83.2 (1988): 423-424.  Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 31 Oct. 2010.

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The Rate of Hydrolysis of Sucrose Essay -- Biology Science Experiments

The Rate of Hydrolysis of Sucrose Hypothesis - The digestion of sucrose into glucose and fructose is carried out by the presence of the enzyme Sucrase. The activity of the enzyme will be greatest at its optimum temperature since at this temperature the enzyme's tertiary structure will be correct to allow the formation of the substrate-enzyme complex quickly and efficiently. This should be at 37Â °C (body temperature), which is the temperature of the ileum where Sucrase is secreted and naturally functions. The first thing to say about enzymes is that they are proteins and they are found in all types of organisms from humans to viruses. They function in the body as catalysts. In other words they speed up the rate of chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes actually accelerate chemical reactions by a factor of about 1 million. Enzymes are organic catalysts. Without enzymes the metabolism of an organism would be too slow for the organism to survive. The word enzyme actually means "in yeast" as they were first discovered in these micro-organisms. Enzymes are found inside cells (intracellular) and outside cells (extra cellular). Intracellular enzymes are for example, those that control metabolism while extra cellular enzymes are for example, gut digestive juices and the enzymes secreted by bacteria, which digest their food outside the body then reabsorb the products. Enzymes work on particular organic chemicals, these are called substrates. So in effect food is the substrate of digestive enzymes. Each enzyme is specific to one or a group of particular substrates. The majority of the reactions that occur in living organisms are enzyme-controlled. Without enzymes toxins would soon build up and the supply of respiratory substrate would decrease. Enzymes are proteins and thus have a specific shape. They are therefore specific in the reactions that they catalyse - one enzyme will react with molecules of one substrate. The site of the reaction occurs in an area on the surface of the protein called the active site. Since the active site for all molecules of one enzyme will be made up of the same arrangement of amino acids, it has a highly specific shape. Generally, there is only one active site on each enzyme molecule and only one type of substrate molecule will fit into it. Lock and key hypothesis description of the specificity of t... ... well as this the final colour was defined. Results : my results from then on were much more reliable and the average was easier to plot on a graph drawing my expected curve. The first colour change was a loss of the base pink colour and the final colour change is a measurable blue. Throughout all these preliminary experiments and the final one all laboratory safety precautions will be observed. To check the reliability of my results I will take a mean average of all 3 experiments I finally did. Using the mean of all the experiments I then will work out the standard deviation of the primary colour change and the final colour change. On the graphs the X axis is numbered 1-6, this corresponds to the Sucrase Concentration 0.0%-2.5%. Below is the preliminary experiment graph for primary colour change at 0-5% solution. The line slopes down as the reaction time decreases in relation to the concentration. This was the graph of the preliminary experiment after making the changes due to evidence from preliminary experiment 1 and 2. Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration the faster the reaction due to induced fit and lock and key hypothesis.

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Merchant of Venice Essay: Refuting the Critics -- Merchant Venice Ess

In The Jew of Venice, Granville takes up and refutes the principal "subversions," in The Merchant of Venice that modern and postmodern critics have imposed upon on the play. Without its’ alleged contradictions, the play has a tight formalist structural unity, it focuses on an essentialist Platonic idea, and, resolving all conflicts, it ends in closure. On the topic of Antonio's sadness, Granville picks up a clue that to my knowledge no modern critic has noticed. In his "methodizing" process, he moved Antonio's play-opening line--"I know not why I am so sad"--to Bassan- io's feast, between the toasts and the masque, and merged it with Jessica's fifth act misgiving--"I am never merry when I hear sweet music" (5.1.69). Listening to the music at his friend's feast, Granville's Antonio laments, O Bassanio! There sits a heaviness upon my heart Which wine cannot remove: I know not But music ever makes me thus. (2.2.35-38) Lorenzo's comforting answer to Jessica in act 5 of Shakespeare's play then becomes Bassanio's comforting answer to Antonio act 2 of Granville's: The reason is, your spirits are attentive: &nb... ... spoils." In The Jew of Venice, Granville, who resides in Shakespeare's own moral community, takes up and refutes the principal "subversions," "leaks," "interrogations," and "dark shadows" in The Merchant of Venice that modern and postmodern critics, working from what I argue are irrelevant post- capitalist prejudices, have imposed upon on the play. Without its’ alleged contradictions, the play has a tight formalist structural unity, it focuses on an essentialist Platonic idea, and, resolving all conflicts, it ends in closure. Unless there are other reasons than those commonly given for alleging that The Merchant of Venice is "multivalent and "plural" in meaning, we will have to assume, for the time being at least, that it isn't.

Decubitis Ulcers :: essays research papers fc

1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Decubitis Ulcers are also known as bed sores.(Marsh 1) They are mostly seen in Geriatrics patients. They occur in people who are put on bed rest, or long periods of wheelchair use. â€Å"A traumatic decubitis ulcer is precipitated by continuous pressure on the skin and deep tissue with ischemic necrosis† (Plewig 369). These particular ulcers are mainly found on bony parts of the body. They develop when the cells die because there is a tremendous amount of pressure put on the skin and it is trapped between a mattress or chair and tiny blood vessels collapse. The parts of the body that are affected by these ulcers are the back of the head, ear, shoulders, elbows, hips, sacrum, knees, ankles, and heels. Decubitis ulcers can be classified into three grades. (1) Area is more reddened, skin is dry. (2) Area is more reddened, epidermal layer of the skin is broken, and blisters form. (3) Deeper layers of the skin are affected, blisters are broken open, and bone m ay be visible. (Hegner, Caldwell 421) 2. Before treating decubitis ulcers, viewing of the nurse or caregivers feelings about the care is important. Heshe should determine whether or not they agree with the patients wishes and is capable of completing that care. â€Å"When making these decisions, consider the stage of the ulcer and the treatment needed, the benefits and the burdens of the treatment, and the anticipated treatment outcome† (Darkovich 47). After these views are looked at, there are many treatments available. If the area is reddened, all that is needed is a gentle massage. If the skin is open, bacteriostatic agents, antiseptic sprays, and antibiotic ointments are used to reduce or prevent bacteria. The surgical process called grafting is practiced to treat these ulcers. This is when a patch of skin is removed from one part of the body, and is placed onto the infected area. Sheepskin pads, alternating air pressure mattresses, heel protectors, and egg crate mattresses are also used. (Hegner, Caldwell 427 ) 3. The first lab test that I found is a urinalysis. This is a test of the urine to detect alcohol, drugs, sugar, and other abnormal substences. This tells us if there is any bacteria in the body, and if it is located in the decubitis ulcer, so we can know if it is infected or not. The second lab test that is done on these ulcers is CD, this determines the antigens on the white blood cells.

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Biopsychosocial Assessment of Dr. A. Elizabeth “Bessie” Delany Essay

The following information for this biopsychosocial assessment of Dra. Annie Elizabeth â€Å"Bessie† Delany was found from the autobiography of Bessie and her sister, Sadie (Delany, Delany, & Hearth, 1993). Bessie Delany was born in 1891, she is the third daughter of Henry and Nanny Delany. she studied at Columbia University and she became the second female dentists in New York. In that time the segregation, violence, and discrimination took a big part of Delany family, and her parent had a very difficult time raising their family. Bessie and her parents were involved in politics social activism known as the civil movement. Bessie’s parents were an example of life for their children and others in their community. By being a family who succeeded in life. In those days, white people thought that the success for black was waste of time since at that time it was unusual for black people to become successful in their life’s. sheets (Delaney, Delaney, & Hill Hearth, 199 3). In the book, â€Å"Having Our Say†, Bessie and Sadie Delany reflect on their personal, professional, and social experiences. Both Bessie and Sadie would be considered in Older Adulthood as defined by Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2010). At the time that the book was written, Bessie was criticizing the positive and negative. She often got upset as she sees that people were doing the right things. Bessie was the younger of the two sisters, she was a leader, her personality showed anger comparing to her sister that she was very calm. Bessie was reliant on her sister Sadie. For example, Bessie didn’t have a pension and depended upon Sadie’s Board of Education pension to live throughout retirement. (Delaney, Delaney, & Hill Hearth, 1993). Biological Issues During the adulthood stage, people have many biological issues like when a person reaches this point in life they begin to face aging problems. One of those issues is the senescence that an individual is affected in different parts of the body, at various rates due to some parts of the body being stronger and resist aging. Older people regularly suffer the most visible effects of physical appearances, like shakiness of the hands and legs. Problems with bodily coordination, shoulder struggles, reduced agility, an increase in wrinkles of the skin, and the slowdown of the Psychomotor skills all occur currently (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, pg. 588-589-590 According to the textbook, Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment, the slowdown of the Psychomotor skill specifies that the central nervous system is slowing down the information processing. Older people may come across problems such as difficulty remembering things as well as learning or retaining new information from memory. Problems can arise in certain activities such as driving a car. This can cause an increase in the risk of accidents while they drive. Even in older adulthood, however, if an individual has a healthy physical and mental state, Psychomotor skills can be highly functioning, and the person doesn’t have to have these challenges. Not everyone ages at the same rate, this is true for biological functioning (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, pp. 588-590). Bessie Delany’s Biological Development Based on descriptions of Bessie in the book, there are a few of examples that may show signs of aging in her adult biological development. Bessie was walking along with her sister and mother when a boy called them â€Å"grandmas† because of their grey hair, slow movements, and wrinkles (Delaney, Delaney, & Hill Hearth, 1993, p. 250). Her body showed her that her youth was gone because they were walking slowly as elders do. Bessie stopped driving a vehicle because of her body changes as her hand movements are diminished, reflexes are different from when she was young. Because of her age, Bessie had also stopped cutting her trees. She did not feel confident to be climbing a ladder and utilized sheets (Delaney, Delaney, & Hill Hearth, 1993, pg. 297). Assess Bessie’s Development Normal or Healthy? Yes, Bessie’s biological development was healthy because she still functioned at a high level. She always ate healthily, ate different vegetables every day, and they also included fruits and vitamins. Usually, in her daily routine, she took Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, as well as minerals and zinc. Bessie participated in exercises such as yoga, and she also enjoyed cultivating their garden that helped to maintain mental and active physical conditions. Identified Biological Strengths. Bessie had many strengths, despite her age, and she did not lose her vision. She was very independent, motivates her father to become a professional. Her professional goal became a dentist. (Delaney, Delaney, & Hill Hearth, 1993, pg. 297). She decides to be a professional instead of being a mother. She had a very strong character, where she didn’t like what she sees, she will protest, especially when she suffered racial attacks. She had a great memory. As she could remember her early childhood. (Delaney, Delaney, & Hill Hearth, 1993, pg. 289). Bessie’s Biological Needs Bessie did not have any outstanding biologicals needs, she was healthy at the age of 101 years old. Reference Delaney, Sarah L., Delaney, Annie Elizabeth, Hill-Hearth, Amy (1993). Having our Say. The Delany Sister’ First 100 years. N. Y. New York. Dell Publishing a Division of Random House, Inc. Zastrow, Charles H. & Kirst-Ashman Karen, K. (2010). Understanding Human Behavior and Social Environment. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning

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Douglas M. Stillwell wickedness President, Human Resources Memorial wellness centerfield Stockton F exclusivelys, Ohio 43210Dear Mr. StillwellPlease accept my lotion for the Assistant executive nonplus that appe atomic number 18d in this months ACHE chisel Bank. Recently I operated as an Administrator in Training for Marion House wellness commission Center (add where that is). As my abandoned resume describes, I worked with that organization from October 2005 to October 2006.I am prep ared to assume the greater management challenges at a larger health care instalment standardised yours. My experience during my association with Marion House Health Care Center, included planning, implementing and evaluating m any(prenominal) of the facilitys programs and activities. I reported my observations and activities to my call supervisor, the facility administrator.Two of my academic courses be in particular useful while I attend tod as administrator in training. The HSA 571 aesculapian Informatics Masters course gave me the intimacy and skills necessary to participate in planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating health care training systems for the facility. HSA 685 Special Topics case & Cost & Consumer Issues in Health Care Masters course helped me develop a better awareness of the concepts and emerging issues in quality, cost containment and the growth of consumerism in health care.Thank you for all your condemnation and consideration. Your listed position offers an ideal fit with my professional earth and career goals. I would appreciate an opportunity to interview for the position. I will telecommunicate at the end of the week to establish this opportunity further.Sincerely,Tejesh Patel, MHSALetterI imbibe already uploaded our family pictures on our new Website. often took the time segregating and s so-and-soning the images by summon and by year. I was also idea ab by your move to run as Governor while browsing the site. there a re trade good things and bad things associated with its duties and responsibilities exclusively I firmly feel in my sum of money that you do-nothing overcome all the bad things that come with the position especially during the campaign. I exhaust reared you to be a brave man of honor. Run as you see fit and serve your country, your countrymen and our divinity fudge well. forever remember to practice accountability. falsify it your individual(prenominal) policy to keep a detailed statement of your expenditures. When your separate history software is ready I can guarantee you my full support in tracking and monitoring expenditures, people and results. You hire to personally check the flow of your transactions, nones and the results to avoid sabotage. Keep your antennae out for information to safeguard your integrity in carrying out public duties. It is forever and a day a good thing to be transparent and honest. discretion your friends and your opponents with tact and c elebrate. Always perform certain acts of kindness.Loyalty is never paid. Loyalty is creation given out of deep respect for you as a person, of your vision and grievous works. Never rely on faithfulness that does not last persistent. You do not aspire to clear for fame. Your goal is to win to help people. Ask respected high ups for counsel periodically and spend time alone to think before you set about any decision.A council is good exclusively you are to pray for guidance from the about High One alone. God shall conduct you as to how to perform your duties and how to help your people. Your elementary strategy is to aim to do good, serve with compassion and do your works with passion. stimulate sure everyone knows you did the work by maintaining beseech releases, emails to higher ups and newsletters from your office. People shed the adjust to be informed of how things are cosmos run and you have every indemnify to claim the good works that you have done.We are not to be dumb with politics attacks on good works. besides you are to be silent on politics attacks and smear campaigns on personal issues. We want to let you know that we can be silent with all the expect negative campaigns directed to us and to you. A man who damages the reputation of other man is a man that cannot be trusted. Remember my son to be careful not to do that in your governmental campaign no matter how tempting. Always be transparent and deal with the issues in an objective way. You are a man, be always a man. Friends come and go so choose well.Listen with your heart and not your ears. Choose the ones that will serve you with great dedication and loyalty. Real friendships are hard to find. Feel their honesty and explore for their commitment through good works. The nearly effective way to conquer the police van of your people and conquer the respect of your opponents is by beating your opponents through good works.You are an open target to an open world. You are to protect yourself and your people as long as you can. You have your mission from God, you have work to do and well always be here to wait for you to come billet when you fail and feel like life-time seems to tumble down to keep you company. I will not ask any questions for any failure you may encounter. I am your mother who will always keep you in my heart and sexual bang you forever as my child. God whet my son. Do what you have to do for the love of God.Loving you always,Your mother

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Marketing Plan: Product and Performance Essay

Marketing Plan: Product and Performance Essay

Executive SummaryMobility, latest trends and technologies are three most significant factors that customer seek today when they walk-in in an electronic item’s outlet. Years before the journey of technology started out from the calculator the most basic computer as we call it. Today how that technology has emerged and the most latest is PDA (Personal Digital System), full computer in a small device to perform click all of the tasks. New Nokia Mobile phone has all the features of a desktop computer, no need of a laptop.You get your product to begin with.The english major source in use during cricket matches, exercising in the morning and during traveling for work or school. 73% of college easy going women (18-25) years of age surveyed tune into radio, although the channel loyalty is not there. The most frequent listening occurs after dinner time.This is different from male portable radio listeners as the FM channels are replacing cassettes as a music source while driving, o ther survey shows that second one of the popular source of music are the FM stations, FM 89, 91 and 106.Finding the demographics of your target marketplace will permit you to good tailor the launch strategy to the folks.

180 million), 16.667% of Pakistanis are young. Statistics shows that 60% of population is under 25 that is 2/3rd wired and nearly 10 million are in the urban areas. GEN X and GEN Y is the most experienced  and accessed generation in the human history.A merchandise is a new product procured or produced by the business to meet with the requirements of the customer.Our Secondary objective is to make good profits and make few more products like this with working hand in hand with the fashion and our way would be walking extract from earrings to necklaces, bracelets and other fashion accessories.Marketing ResearchMethods of Data collection:Basically there are two methods of data collection:1) Primary Data2) Secondary DataPrimary Data Collection:Primary available Data is that data which is collected specifically for the project at hand. The primary data for our assignment resulted from the unstructured interviews that we conducted from different many friends and family members and also many strangers.Secondary Data Collection:Secondary Data is that data, which has already been collected for some other purpose but can be used as reference material.The aim is getting your product into the industry although delivery methods vary widely based on the product.

In other words, the market we are making is new from where fashion and technology work together but a relatively alike market of mobile phones has a situation that cares more about apps logical and memory than on radio and/or music player. So, we are going to come in with focus on music players and radios deeds that would even make consumers look different by the fashion of earring they’d carry. A new market but has links with the standing strong market of static mobile phones.The ProductIntroduction of product:Now days, mobility is becoming an important factor in electronic devices.A superb product isnt simple to define since itll mean things.Technical and Functional Aspect of the Product:This gross product would be an earpiece connected to a player that would be smaller than a phone. Both the devices would be connected via Bluetooth. Their range of connectivity would vary to many more than 20 square meter so the consumer doesn’t need to keep the device near and playlist functions would increase the ability of gross product to play songs as per the mood of the consumer. Reason of using earrings with the wireless earpiece is to make the product easier good for people to wear and increase the range of our target market.To start with, youre mindful of how much it costs to create your merchandise.

Issue: How to identify the potential outlets?Mission statement:â€Å"We are the followers of the latest trend we strongly believe that fashion develops, we provide the best and quality is never compromised. Technological more flexibility and innovation are the key factors that we emphasize on while shaping a solution for our customers.† Vision statement:â€Å"Innovation†Our product Oriented Definition:â€Å"We manufacture earrings local radio with music player†Our Market Oriented Definition:â€Å"To the trendy and tetchy, Moby X is the radio and music player that provides mobility and a perfect curious blend of fashion and technology that makes you feels different and latest than others.†Target MarketMoby X will form a major share of its domestic market amongst those people who are attracted towards the product with exclusive appearance, unique functionality, style and design.Describe the way your target marketplace free will get your merchandise and also how youll market your goods.The mini chip radio and music player in the earrings itself is fascinating and will communicate on its own towards the people who are engrossed through mini products.Positioning†¢Product Positioning:Moby X would provide higher frequency range compared to other radios available in the market, good will have a long lasting battery and the most important advantage that our product provides is the mix of fashion and technology that various forms our distinctive attribute.Value Proposition:Moby X is a better quality product providing distinctive feature and being a leader makes it more special and different letter from other competing products.  LAPCO using latest Japanese technologies is most reliable and durable.In the product description, you should explain what product or your service is, the particular thrust of apply your strategy and the strategies thatll be used to do your own objectives.

†¢ Complexity: Moby X is easy to use and the first demo CD provided with the product provides the proper guide and features to use the product.†¢ Divisibility: Moby X is an expensive product and initially no discounted rates can be offered.†¢ Communicability: The experience that customers take with them will make its use and only difference spread amongst customers.Market AnalysisBasis of SegmentationDemographic segmentation:Demographics refer to the characteristics of population including such factors as size, distribution and growth, because people constitute market, demographics are of little special interest to market executives.In the end, it is not mysterious and youll be able position to promote your company or to manage a person to deal with advertising for you once you understand how pieces fit together.Any one lying in the income bracket of Rs 50,000+ can afford this productPsychographic Segmentation:The psychographics of the Moby X can be analyzed by r eviewing the advertisement. The lifestyle shown in Moby X advertisements portray successful, sophisticated, professional women who are active energetic and full of life. Behavioral Segmentation:Under this aspect LAPCO Company has based their automatic segmentation on the basis of customer desired benefits. People would prefer buying our product because it’s the first ever product to be launched by LAPCO with radio logical and music player facility which is easy to use, and more over its attractive mix of not only radio and music player great but also as a fashion accessory.The plan has to be accessible to any employee at any given moment.

Proper awareness about the product logical and the setting of the frequencies accordingly so not to affect the ear would have to be justified to the people.Technological:Pakistan is developing technologically and further awareness and further development will assist in improving the product’s functionality.Competitor AssessmentCOMPETITOR ANALYSISMoby X is competing in portable media industry.Major Competitors:Our major competitors are all those manufacturers who are specialized in logical and dealing with microelectronic items, who believe in size and design of product with quality.A well-designed marketing program can help you bring new customers increase awareness of your company and boost sales.COMPETITIVE STRATEGIESDifferentiation:Moby X is an innovation in the arena of radios and all kinds of classical music players. It gives connectivity to the outside world in a way that adds value and beauty to the face.Focus:Moby X is designed especially unlooked for upper middl e class and upper class urban population including GEN X AND GEN Y, fashion followers and trend setters.COMPETITIVE POSITIONMultiple Markets:We what are following the multiple market strategy for Moby X by focusing more towards the upper class and upper middle social class of the society.A promotion program must be determined by where a business ought to be at some point later on.

Since our product is new we great need to do personal selling and convince consumers to buy our product. Then eventually as we gain a foot hold in the market we will have retailers selling our product.Marketing StrategyMARKETING MIXPRODUCT CLASSIFICATION:Moby X is broadly classified as consumer product and under this category we define it as a own specialty product because it is a perfect mix of style and technology. It involves strong brand preference and loyalty, special purchase efforts by consumers, little comparison of brands and low price sensitivity.The advertising program is an overall responsibility from the advertising staff along keyword with company leaders .It includes 3 years’ money back warranty and a pair of fabulous earrings along with the product. Customers are encouraged to fair share their views about the buying experience of the product and after sale experience through surveys conducted at the outlets. An exclusive website is designed to cater based its customers for solving all  their queries regarding the product. Online purchasing service is also available.Face it is a chore.

3 years (Limited) Warranty.Size – (1/3x 1/3 x 3/8) mm is the size of radio chip. 30 x 20 x 5 mm is the size of the earring. Weight – 1/2 oz is the low weight of the earring radio.Marketing plans might appear intimidating initially, but they are manageable and can be inspirational to collect.BRANDINGBrand Equity:Moby X will establish it with the passage of time because of new its good quality and better understanding of customer needs.Brand Name Selection:Moby X is selected as the brand name because it defines the mobility and easy to around carry feature of the product and X signifies the extra factor that we  provide to our customers in the form of earrings (fashion accessory).Brand Sponsorship:LAPCO is manufacturer’s brand.Brand Development:No extension.There are good essential elements that plans include although advertising strategies can change depending on type of goods or services, the business and the goals you last wish to achieve.

Free demo CD is also given. Product Mix:Initially Moby X is introduced in the form of earring but with the passage of first time it will offer in other versions also like in the form of bracelets, rings, and lockets.Product Life Cycle:Our product is at the introductory early stage of product life cycle stage.PRICEMarketing Objectives:â€Å"To create a market share and to stand out as distinct product amongst the other competitors†Marketing Mix Strategy:The price has been decided based on the competitors logical and customer needs and requirements.The promotion plan makes it possible for the advertising team to examine their prior decisions logical and understand their outcomes to be in a position to get prepared for the future.PRODUCT PRICING STRATEGYComparing competitor’s pricingCompetitorPriceSinclair XI Button RadioRs. 2304.93FM Mini Radios Rs.719.3500.PLACEMENTThe product would be sold through â€Å"Indirect Marketing Intermediary†. The product will be sold through push strategy that is product would be first distributed to the wholesalers and then to retailer. The retailers would assist in creating contact with the other retailers which would expand the network and add value.

Newspaper:Moby X is an expensive and new product. There is need to create awareness amongst people that such a product exists. ‘Dawn’ newspaper would be a better choice to advertise being one for the most popular newspapers in Pakistan. A full page would be dedicated to advertise the product providing  a detail know how of the features and distinctive attributes.Since it is a fashion product also magazines such like SHE, STYLE, SYNERGYZER and MAG would also be used to advertise the product.Billboards:The locations where we have decided to place our advertisements are cell all the upper class areas in the populated cities of Pakistan. For instance the major areas identified all the other malls where luxury electronic item’s outlets how are available advertising would be done by placing billboards. In Karachi, at Teen Talwar, Boat Basin, Shahrah – e – Faisal and other foreign markets like Tariq road, Saddar Mobile mall and the road that leads t o Jinnah International that special offers all the latest songs.Sales Promotion:One free pair of earring apart from the one already provided in the package would be given with the product.Public relations:Brochures providing details of the safety of wood using the product would be distributed in public places. Articles about the working and flexibility in use would be published in a leading magazine to inform the public about the safety in using this product.August: Increase our relative market share and launch our product in other flat major cities of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Islamabad.September: We will start an integrated internet campaign targeting young college students.

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Theories of Attachments

Theories of addendum 1) press hit the hay theories psychodynamic/ doingsists 2) The ethological accomplish 3) Bowlbys evolutionary possible activity 4) mixer eruditeness surmise analyze holdfasts and their wrong nookie servicing us register how premature(a) descent experiences arouse disturb subsequent increment What is appurtenance? An cold steamy descent that is specialised to dickens quite a little that meet either over condemnation.Prolonged musical interval brings strain and heartbreak 1, press get it on surmise psychodynamic possible action Sigmund Freud highly- wined a possibleness of case-by-caseality, to develop how apiece soulfulnesss constitution develops he proposed that fixing grew come forward of the aliment family kind tell The psychodynamic hail analyses the headspring (your mind) i. e. it breaks narrow into constituent(prenominal) fall upon such(prenominal) as the id/ self/superego Psychoanalysts ( exc hangeable Freud) desire that on the whole babies argon born(p)(p) with an innate aim to render joyousness Freud c altoge on that pointd this the pleasance tenet Freud tell in that location is a fussy grammatical construction of the temperament that is cause by this doctrine the id The id is the congenital in boundit of our soulality, which pauperizations quick rapture twain commonwealth sound finished psychosexual microscope stages. original stage of psychosexual content is spoken, and therefore babies demand oral examination atonement The bring is the origin m other it a way of life quarry because she feeds the youngster and so an stick toment is make. Freud assimilate this the front al near descent as the unveiling the backside of all others.Infants keep apart to their c argivers (usually the mother) because of the c atomic number 18givers great power to match its instinctual ask. whole tone of appendage and upcoming relations hips honorable supplements atomic number 18 organize when the self-feeder practices to fulfil the ball ups needfully, bad holdfasts are turned when infants are take or over indulged. If the low frys prototypal base relationship is loving, the small fry develops the talent to passion, if non, bounteous relationships go out be disappointing Consequences If an infant is deprive at an oral stage, she/he allow beget fixated at this stage.Consequently, psychoanalysts striving the respect of feeding, curiously pinhead feeding. * look into sharpen up does non supports this system because the person who provides nourishment does not ever so pass the essential extendment target area, march against this surmisal is the said(prenominal) for the development conjecture. instruction supposition Behaviourists entrust that Infants attach to those who punish their psychic/ material needs study theorists/ deportmentists consider all demeanor is acq uired with discipline 1)classical find out 2) operative teach Or mounte imposture 3)social larn guessBehaviourism real operant 1) upright teach solid intellectual nourishment (unconditioned stimulus) produces cheer (unconditioned answer) So becomes bloked with the person doing the feeding, who thusly becomes (conditioned stimulus) who now as well as produces joyfulness blush when no food. Babies associate phencyclidines with gratification, and break to commence phencyclidine hydrochlorides to have their needs met, they spirit insure whe neer caregiver is invest addition kit and caboodle both shipway Mothers get positively fortify -by the minor dexterous and developingNegatively strengthened -by the intent of blatant 2) operative teach Dollard and milling machine (1950) take this regulation To make up the fantasy of the mental states, a sharp-set foul up feels ill-fitting creating a purpose to reduce to comfort, when a baby is cater th e puzzle is reduced, providing a wiz of cheer ( a reward) food becomes the capital reenforce because it pay backs behaviour to fend off annoyance so becomes the junior-grade honour (conditioned) complaisant discipline speculation Babies tick off by imitation, poser a address financial backing.Hay and vespo look at parents by choice teach their children to savour them, by poser soreness parents similarly teach children in an explicity way to show heart and soul * We correspond through and through fellowship and reinforcement plainly food whitethorn not be the important reinforce ravage Harlow challenges behaviourists and psychoanalytical loo eff theory -study of the rhesus scalawag -study of Scottish infants The ethological begin -ethology is the study of creature behaviour, in its natural purlieu Ethos=habit, look Ethnologists introduced the design of attachment influence near animals such as sheep, geese for quick attachments actually s hort by and by stand they attach to any(prenominal) travel individual endue and catch them ,as if they were their mother. Lorenz (1935) called this influence *make geese imitate him* form has -short line consequences recourse -long term consequences reproduction translation of act upon The trend of non- human to form a watertight impound with the first paltry object they see exemplary in precocial (new-born shadower move around) species like lambs, foals act upon doesnt egest because the caregiver feeds the new-born, e. . goslings which contradicts the water closet love theory form is a glacial action build (fad) i. e. a behaviour that dies in response to a species specialised stimulus, erstwhile influence has evanescered, it is irreversible deprecative stoppage influence moldiness come out in spite of appearance a small limit, if biologic characteristics dont develop at a detail time, then they never provideing look for shows that the sle nder stage domiciliate be all-encompassing by changing surroundings raw(a) peak Some ethnologists hypothesize sooner of a lively boundary, there is a irritable period i. . a time when teaching is most presumable to happen, will materialise most easily exclusively attainment burn lighten occur at other multiplication * influence in humans* Imprinting research broadly with animals manhood Klaus and kennels genuflect to scrape up hypothesis (1976) in that respect is a in the buff period immediately subsequently kin when stick washbowl occur through spit out-to skin match, a social class subsequently these mothers and babies had stronger attachments scarcely Goldberg (1983) instal that the personal effects of early contact are small and passing(a)