Saturday, August 31, 2019

Iraq Backlash

The main argument in this article is that the continued involvement of the United States in the war in Iraq will lead to unforeseen and even disastrous consequences such as a civil war or even global war given the fact that the United States is ill equipped at dealing with the insurgents and in properly identifying its role in the conflict and the impact of its continued involvement in the war.The writer presents his views by first defining what backlash is and proceeding to show the escalating death toll and skirmishes that have happened in Iraq since the United States has gotten involved. The writer then paints a grim picture of future that lies ahead if the United States continues its policies and involvement in the conflicts in the Middle East and the war in Iraq.The view presented by the writer is correct to the extent that the continued involvement of the United States could indeed make them the victim of unforeseen and disastrous consequences such a rising casualties of the ar med forces currently stationed there and of the civilians. The continued involvement in Iraq could also be detrimental to the United States economy as any conflict in the Middle East causes the price of oil to rise and directly affects the economic output of any country.A prolonged war, as in this case, caused by continued United States involvement will definitely affect its economy in the long run. The writer however is too quick to point out that global war will be the direct effect of such actions. There is no substantial evidence to show that this will indeed result to a world war III or a world war IV. The other world leaders have been quick to show that the United States is acting on its own accord and have refused to lend any aid in the war in Iraq.

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