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Personality disorder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personality disorder - Essay Example The people share and contrast their personality traits with the fellow humans, and are indentified with the group or community the patterns of which they follow in their everyday life in behavior. For instance, people categorize the individuals into benevolent and rude, and generous and selfish etc. The authors view high self-esteem as an important personality trait, which not only reflects high confident level and superior self-assessment, but also is extremely essential for obtaining successes in life (406). However, boosting over one’s abilities or having exaggerated confidence level also demonstrates low self-esteem, where one looks to be concealing his weaknesses with the help of snobbish behavior and embellishment. Similarly, admiration and acknowledgement are the factors to accelerate self-esteem to a great extent (407). Craig & Baucum are of the view that self-conception and estimation appear in children after their first birthday, and the affects of the first images o f self-discovery are long-lasting ones, which seldom perish throughout one’s lifespan (2002:228). ... (1936) submits to state that personality is assumed and estimated in the light of few prominent and unique traits and features possessed by the individuals. Personality characteristics are the entities, which produce prejudice among the individuals towards certain mental states; they also cause mental states like beliefs and desires, which in turn cause behaviors (Rosati et al., 2001:4). It is therefore some individuals appear to be introvert in nature (Coon & Mitterer, 408), and keep their views and thinking to themselves, while many people are extrovert, and frequently give vent to their ideas and opinions in the presence of others. In addition, some of the theorists are of the opinion that the individuals are motivated by observing the performance of others, which not only urge them to demonstrate the same or superior performance, but also help out in boosting up of their morale and self-esteem subsequently (Schmitt et al. 2000:1599); consequently, here appears social learning the ory that argues that all human acts are the outcome of the individuals’ observation of social establishment in which they have been brought up and have obtained socialization process. Consequently, supporters of social learning theory refute the possibility of nature theories that man enters the world carrying some specific personality features and characteristics (Coon & Mitterer, 421-22). It was Bandura to postulate that human behavior could be learned at the cognitive level through observing other people’s actions (Rogers, 2001:4); hence, people enter this world with the mind like clean slate, and learns every act by observing and imitating the others. Crime is aptly stated as learned behavior, which reflects the techniques and methodology the criminals get acquainted with by

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